BASF curing compounds

The MasterKure family is a comprehensive range of curing agents that form a protective film over fresh concrete to retain moisture and to maximize the hydration potential of the cement, resulting in optimum strength development and durability.  The range includes:

MasterKure 404  –  water-based acrylic co-polymer curing compound and sealer    basf-masterkure-404-tds 

MasterKure 402  –  clear modified acrylic curing compound    basf-masterkure-402-tds

MasterKure 100WB  –  water-based wax emulsion curing compound (meets AS3799)    basf-masterkure-100wb-tds

MasterKure 250  –  water dispersed hydrocarbon based curing compound (meets AS3799)    basf-masterkure-250-tds

MasterKure 111  –  evaporation retardant and finishing aid    basf-masterkure-111-tds

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