Epoxy Flooring

Epimax 330 – Heavy-duty system for concrete walls and floors that is food safe, attractive and easily cleaned. Download TDS here Epimax 333WB – Water-based coating that provides excellent protection to concrete, timber and cement sheeting. Download TDS here Epimax 333WB SR – Proven jet fuel resistant protection system for commercial and military applications. Download

Epoxy Repair

Epimax 575 – Ideally suited for many building, construction and civil applications.   Download TDS here. Epirez 633 – Suitable for many construction applications where high structural integrity and protection are required.   Download TDS here. Megapoxy PF – Rapid set, high strength epoxy paste for emergency repairs to tanks, pipes and concrete structures.   Download TDS here.

Cementitious Repair

BluCem RF20 – Rapid floor self-levelling industrial strength topping for external areas.   Download TDS here. BluCem HB30 – Lightweight high-build mortar for vertical and overhead repairs.   Download TDS here. BluCem HB50 – High-build mortar designed for aggressive conditions and marine structures.   Download TDS here. BluCem LH60 – Deep-pour engineered micro concrete for civil engineering applications.  

Protective coatings

Epimax 333AR – High-build acid resistant coating system that protects against extreme chemical exposure.   Download TDS here. Epimax 421HAR – High-build novolac coating which provides the highest level of chemical and abrasion resistance to concrete, steel, and other surfaces.   Download TDS here.   Download chemical resistance guide. Epimax 655AR – Heavy-duty novolac system that provides seamless