There is a statistic often quoted in the building industry: waterproofing makes up 1.8% of the total construction cost, but accounts for 83% of building defect complaints. Taking the time to understand the waterproof aspects of any project is critical. At CE Industries, we understand what makes a project a success and what makes for a potential failure. We have over 40 years’ experience in fixing waterproofing problems, but more importantly helping people by providing the right solutions.

With respect for material selections, weather and climatic conditions, project specific requirements, surface preparation and design specifications, CE Industries is here to help. We have access to the industry’s leading manufacturers of waterproofing systems and we can ensure you are provided the most appropriate design options and waterproofing solutions. With waterproof membranes systems for all aspects of construction, we’ve got you covered from your bathroom waterproofing through to waterproof concrete for major projects.