Epoxy Flooring

Epimax 330 – Heavy-duty system for concrete walls and floors that is food safe, attractive and easily cleaned. Download TDS here
Epimax 333WB – Water-based coating that provides excellent protection to concrete, timber and cement sheeting. Download TDS here
Epimax 333WB SR – Proven jet fuel resistant protection system for commercial and military applications. Download TDS here
Epimax 465 – Extreme durability food-safe polyurethane system that protects against the highest mechanical demands. Download TDS here
Epimax 777UHD – Two component polyurethane system providing protection to all forms of functional and architectural concrete. Download TDS here
Epimax 999WB – Hazmat-free, two component clear seal coat system formulated for ease of application. Download TDS here

Supatuff HD – High solids, high-build epoxy coating with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Download TDS here
Supatuff FG – Solventless, high-build epoxy coating for food preparation areas in industrial and commercial applications. Download TDS here