MasterProtect 8000CI – Single component, low viscosity, clear liquid which combines the proven effectiveness of penetrative silane treatments for the control of moisture and chloride ion ingress with advanced corrosion inhibition. Download TDS here

Epimax 950 – Water-based low viscosity siloxane impregnant that penetrates concrete or masonry surfaces to provide long term weatherproofing protection.  Download TDS here.
Epimax 2125 – Water based, penetrating surface hardener that increases abrasion resistance while reducing potential damage caused through water borne and oil borne contaminants.   Download TDS here.
Epishine – Combined densifier and shine used for polishing concrete slabs.   Download TDS here.

Densi Proof – Deeply penetrates new or old concrete, providing permanent waterproofing, curing and protection.  Download TDS here.

EmerStop S100N – Penetrating silane that protects concrete from water and chloride ingress in marine environments.   Download TDS here.
EmerStop Crème – Penetrating crème that protects reinforced concrete structures from water and chloride ion ingress.   Download TDS here.

Sikagard 700S – Water-repellent impregnation for concrete in civil engineering or building structures.  Download TDS here.
Sika Ferrogard 903 – Corrosion inhibiting aqueous impregnation for concrete structures above and below ground.  Download TDS here.
Sikagard 705L – Water-repellent impregnation for concrete structures subjected to harsh environments and conditions.  Download TDS here.
Sikagard 706 Thixo – Penetrating cream that protects structures subjected to harsh environments and conditions.   Download TDS here.