Cement-based grouts

BluCem HS60 – A pumpable, non-shrink product suitable for civil engineering applications.
Download TDS link BluCem HS60UW – An anti-washout, highly fluid product suitable for
underwater civil engineering applications. Download TDS link BluCem HS 200 – Designed
for use in grouting post tension steel cables and other applications with high tensile steel. Download TDS link
BluCem HS400 – Designed for top down grouting of long tendons, overhead bolts and other applications which require a grout to pump under pressure but resist flow when
subject to gravity forces. Provides high durability when used with high tensile steel. Download TDS link
BluCem HE80 – A high early strength material where rapid strength gain is a requirement, allowing infrastructure to be returned to early service. A deep pour version –
HE80AG – is also available. Download TDS Link
Bluey Technologies guide to mixing and pumping cement-based grouts
Download guide link

Sika Grout GP – A general purpose shrinkage compensated grout for most standard applications.
Download TDS link Sika Grout 212HP – Suitable for grouting fixing bolts and anchors or
bedding machinery in demanding circumstances. Download TDS link Sika Grout Deep Pour
SikaGrout-Deep Pour is able to achieve high strengths in short times, making it suitable for grouting of large sections and deep pours of up to 500mm.
Download TDS link

MasterFlow 870
– Non-shrink, precision grout with excellent high early and ultimate strengths. (10mm to 100mm). Download TDS link
MasterFlow 4600 – Iron reinforced precision grout used for all ultra-high precision, non-shrink grouting applications with clearances of 15mm or more, particularly those
requiring maximum dynamic load bearing and impact resistance. Download TDS link
Master Builders Solutions Grouting Application Guide
Download TDS link