Fibre reinforcing

Fibermesh 150 – Micro reinforcement reduces plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking.  Download TDS here
Fibermesh 300 – Inhibits cracking in concrete while improving cohesion, abrasion and impact resistance.  Download TDS here
Novomesh 950 – Unique fibre blend used in many situations to replace reinforcing mesh in paths, driveways and slabs.  Download TDS here
Novocon XR – Steel fibres that offer an economical reinforcement solution in commercial and industrial applications.  Download TDS here

Dramix 5D – Thanks to their unique shape and capabilities, the Dramix® 5D steel fibres provide performance levels which until now could only be realised with traditional reinforcement.  Download TDS here
Dramix 4D – Providing optimal crack control, the Dramix® 4D steel fibres are specifically designed for durable and liquid-tight structures, and for usage in combined reinforcement.  Download TDS here
Dramix 3D – Ever since its introduction more than 40 years ago, the “single hook” Dramix® series has been the reference in steel fibre reinforcement, and is still outperforming competitors today. Download 65/60, 65/35, 45/35 TDS here

Emesh – 100{0d9d3a9466970cde9aa58762ce04197748708a7ba3796c545dea2a9c1ad55433} Recycled Plastic Macro Poly Fibre – an Award Winning Innovation used across the nation.  Download TDS here