Cementitious Repair

BluCem RF20 – Rapid floor self-levelling industrial strength topping for external areas.   Download TDS here.
BluCem HB30 – Lightweight high-build mortar for vertical and overhead repairs.   Download TDS here.
BluCem HB50 – High-build mortar designed for aggressive conditions and marine structures.   Download TDS here.
BluCem LH60 – Deep-pour engineered micro concrete for civil engineering applications.   Download TDS here.

Highway Patch – Hydraulic fast-set repair mortar suitable for runways, highways and industrial pavements.   Download TDS here.

Intercrete 4801 – Fibre-reinforced high-build mortar designed for structural concrete repairs.   Download TDS here.
Intercrete 4820 – Fibre-reinforced waterproof fairing coat to repair minor voids and defects.   Download TDS here.
Intercrete 4840 – Enhanced chemical and abrasion resistant cementitious coating system.   Download TDS here.

Mapecem Quickpatch – Fast-setting patching of interior/exterior surfaces from 0 to 75mm.   Download TDS here.
Planitop Smooth & Repair R4 – Shrinkage-compensated structural mortar for repairs 3-40mm thick.   Download TDS here.

Renderoc G – Acid resistant repair mortar for use in highly corrosive environments based on sustainable technology.  Download TDS here.
Renderoc FC – Fairing mortar screed to cover surface imperfections.   Download TDS here.
Renderoc HB40 – High performance, very low shrinkage patch repair mortar.   Download TDS here.
Renderoc HB70 – Repair mortar specifically designed for areas where high strength and high build are required.   Download TDS here.