Curing compounds

MasterKure 111 – Evaporation retardant and finishing aid for fresh concrete.   Download TDS here
MasterKure 402 – Solvent based acrylic curing compound and sealer.   Download TDS here
MasterKure 404 – Water based acrylic curing compound that meets AS3799.  Download TDS here

Densi Proof – Deeply penetrates new or old concrete, providing permanent waterproofing, curing and protection.   Download TDS here

Concure WB30 – Wax based curing compound used for roads, highways and large pavements. Conforms to AS3799.  Download TDS here Concure A99 – Water based acrylic curing compound that accepts most after trades. Conforms to AS3799.   Download TDS here

Sika Film – Evaporation retardant for all concrete surfaces.   Download TDS here
Sika CureCrete – A water based membrane forming liquid for curing, dustproofing and hardening concrete.  Download TDS here